I guide clients towards transformation and change through accessing the wisdom that already exists within themselves. We do this together using the connection to mind, body, spirit, and stillness. You choose this process because you truly want change and you are ready to begin your transformation now. 
Clients are supported to make changes and shifts in order to take inspired action toward specific goals. Accountability occurs both within sessions and during the space in between.

Buddha Statue

Yoga and Mindfulness

I believe the benefits of yoga and meditation are immense. I practice and teach in order to share and to bring more serenity, clarity and connection of mind, body and spirit both to myself and to my students.

Through yoga and mindfulness practices we can develop our intention to be present for both ourselves and for others with awareness, curiosity and compassion. My style of teaching yoga incorporates themes with both yin and yang elements. We move towards finding balance, being grounded, embodying strength and flexibility, and embracing presence.

Homemade Remedies


Ayurveda, commonly known as a sister science to yoga, is a five thousand year old holistic approach to health. The name “Ayurveda” is derived from two words in Sanskrit, “ayuh” meaning “life” or “longevity” and “veda” meaning “science” or “sacred knowledge.” Ayurveda’s definition therefore roughly translates as “the science of longevity” or “the sacred knowledge of life.” In more simple terms, Ayurveda is a system for living your best life, the healthiest version of YOU, by developing an awareness of how you feel and what you need physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Lets work together towards your feeling your very best!