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Starting a Meditation Practice

Create a sacred space for your meditation

  • Include a meditation pillow (I really like this one) or yoga mat or something to sit on that is comfortable and allows you to sit upright but relaxed.

  • Create an altar that INSPIRES your practice - a plant, a special stone, cyrstal or shell, a small statue etc. This should make your space feel welcoming, nourishing, and love-filled.

  • Light a candle(s) or incense or use an essential oil diffuser.  Make this part of your meditation ritual.

  • A book of readings and/or a journal and pen can be a nice addition. I always read a passage before I begin and I journal for at least a few minutes before leaving my space.

Use a timer

  • I love the Insight Timer app.but any timer is fine.

  • Choose TIMER and select your Duration, Bells and Ambient Sound (I love the Deep Om or silence depending on my mindset- Deep Om is very grounding for me and settles my mind).  Remember to silence your phone.

  • Another option is a guided meditation. 

  • Insight Timer has a ton of options as does youtube or any number of mindfulness or meditation apps/sights. See the resources below for ideas and try out a bunch of them. I find that the guide's voice makes all the difference!

Take your SEAT

  • Choose a time to practice. Keep it consistent. Mornings are best before you begin your day. Your mind is least cluttered in the morning but that being said, ANYTIME of day that works for you is ok.  Perhaps before bedtime?

  • Set your timer or choose the guided meditation and stay in your meditation space the entire time. Start simple - five minutes can make a difference!

  • Make sure you are comfortable - relax your body and feel free to shift and move as needed.

  • Attend to your breath. When your mind wanders (AND IT WILL) just return to noticing your breath. Again and again and again :)

  • If you cannot stay with your practice, still remain in the space. Staying In The Sit sometimes IS the practice .  Perhaps you open your eyes and just sit quietly in the stillness. Perhaps you look out the window or at your altar or simply enjoy the candle or smell of your incense or diffuser. Perhaps you journal or read quietly.  Simply stay until your time is up.

Supportive Tips for your Practice:

  • Commit to sit. Start with 5 minutes. Do that for a while and then increase to 10. Do that for a LONG while and then build up to 20 minutes.  ANY amount of time has remarkable benefits for your well-being.

  • Sit up on your support either cross legged or on your knees. Feel free to sit in a chair. Make sure you are comfortable and can keep your spine straight. Relaxed but upright. Check in occasionally to relax and soften.

  • Start with a breath practice.  Set an INTENTION to follow your natural inhale/exhale, pay ATTENTION to the sensations of the breath,  and have an ATTITUDE of kindness and curiosity when you get distracted.

  • WHEN your mind wanders, just notice/be aware, let go of the thought(s) and gently return your attention to your breath. This will happen over and over and over.  And then again…  so remember that it is a practice.

  • If you are struggling, just remember that there are many ways to practice meditation. ALL of them are okay.  Some include…

  • Eyes open and soft gaze. Just space out and attend to your breath

  • Try a guided meditation

  • Attend to your 5 senses. Simply sit silently and notice using your senses

  • Use the Deep Om ambient sound on Insight Timer.  Try other background ambient sounds

  • Try visualization - this list is endless and you can find suggestions in books, on YouTube, Podcasts etc.

  • LASTLY, the mind does what it is meant to do which is THINK :) Sometimes it needs to do its job and be treated lovingly so just go with the flow of thoughts that day.

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