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Clia's coaching has been a gift. She brings insight, humor, creativity, mindfulness, and an action mindset to each of our sessions. And, I love that I can bring both professional and personal topics to our work together. Thank you for what you do!


Thank you for your sisterhood and unwavering connection from day one. Girl, you are my hero!


"Writing my first book I was tangled up in the story and thoroughly lost in the weeds. I was approaching the project from a dozen different angles and none of them were working. I was at my wit's end. Through talking with Clia I was able to cut through the noise. After a few sessions discussing the purpose of my book and why I was writing it, I could see a clear path forward. Her persistence in forcing me to see myself and my impediments helped to support me through that rough period of writer’s block. My time working with her keeps on giving. The invaluable roadmap she helped me develop is one I continue to use and build on with every writing project."


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